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Kavita MS

Microsoft Office Certified and BA

Course Curriculum

  • Home Tab
  • Insert Tab
  • Print Layout Tab
  • View Tab
  • Review Tab
  • How to Edit the Selected Cells
  • View All Shortcuts From Excel Excel Worksheet
  • Autocorrect the Spelling Mistake
  • Custom Auto fill
  • Count Numeric Only
  • Count Blank Only
  • Create Table With ShortCut
  • Custom List
  • Enter the repetitive data entry within a column
  • Format Cell
  • Create new Chart Shortcut
  • Capitalize each word in a given string
  • Create Random Value
  • Create Custom Random Value
  • Zoom in Zoom Out in Excel- Shortcut
  • Create Theme in Excel
  • Remove Extra Space from String
  • Hide Data In Cell
  • Hide Formulas
  • Advance Select
  • copy of WorkSheet
  • Consolidate
  • Custom Header Footer
  • Change Gridline Color
  • Convert number
  • Change Default File Location
  • Large
  • Diagonal Cell
  • Drag Data
  • Formula text
  • Find and replace
  • REPT
  • Multiple selection
  • Insert Gif
  • Multiple Rows and Cols
  • Count Holidays by specific day
  • Create Table With ShortCut
  • T Function
  • Count Holidays
  • Format Cell
  • QAT
  • Find 2nd or 3rd Smallest value
  • Indirect Function
  • Transpose
  • Transpose Dynamic
  • Change Reference
  • Insert Gif
  • Subtotal
  • Flash fill
  • Roman
  • Select all data
  • Resize
  • Status bar
  • Text to Column
  • Yearfrac Function
  • Show formula
  • Format Painter
  • Use of Slicer
  • Select Data From Different WorkBook
  • Date Custom Format
  • Sort and Filter
  • Sum in multiple way
  • 30 Basic Shortcuts
  • 15 Shortcuts With ALT Key
  • 50 Shortcuts With CTRL
  • 10 Shortcuts Functions Key
  • Tabs with Shortcuts-7
  • all one Key shortcuts
  • Text Formulas
  • Date Formulas
  • Maths Formulas
  • Statistics Formulas
  • Logical Formulas
  • Lookup Formulas
  • Info Formulas
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation
  • Data Security
  • Column Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Bubble Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Scatter Chart
  • Combo Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Gantt Chart
  • Pivot Table
  • Pivot Chart
  • VlookUp-Syntax
  • Basic Vlookup
  • Vlookup with Absolute Reference
  • Vlookup With Define Name
  • HlookUp
  • Xlookup - Syntax and First Example
  • Vlookup Vs XlookUp
  • Hlookup Vs Xlookup
  • Xlookup Vs Index Match
  • Xlookup- Different Columns
  • Xlookup Search mode
  • Xlookup with latest Search
  • Macros
  • Macros - Relative Reference with Button
  • Dashboard
Courses Benefits

Increase your excel skills and knowledge within hours which will get you noticed by top management & prospective employers! Become more productive at using excel which will save you hours per day & eliminate stress at work! Practice with fun, interactive, and highly effective lessons from a best-selling excel instructor. Become an absolute excel power user.

Who can Learn
  • Fresher
  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Business owners
  • HR
  • CA
  • Sales Person
  • Managers
  • Those who have Passion for developing Excel Skills

Learning excel can assist you to build complicated computations and reporting effortlessly. It is used in each workplace in the world, so offers a great scope. MS Excel is a powerful analysis tool that represents valuable data into the graphical form. MS Excel will assist you to predict your budget and income while building your own business that could save you an abundance of money. MS Excel training for sales and marketing professionals will support their data related tasks seamlessly. This MS Excel course for hr Professionals has been customized by industry leading experts with real-time data and dashboards.







Our Learners Say

I have successfully completed my Training my experience is good the faculty are very supportive

well so this is one of the very good experience .felt good with teaching and i really got satisfied with teaching

Hello, I had joined for Excel Mastery course. I have learned well what kavitha Ma’am teach me and she is very supportive and friendly. It is the best place for learning. It was a great experience. Thank you so much.

I have joined for Advance excel. They show patience to clear all the doubts. We can attend the repeated classes and can take back-up classes. No restriction in that. Totally, a good learning.

had a very good learning experience. I had joined for basic and advanced excel . I didn't know much when I joined and now it has changed. Here we can learn everything at our own pace instead of matching with the rest of the class. I highly recommend this to anyone who prefer one on one teaching instead of class room lectures. Thanks Kavita Mam.

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